The Only Training Company in the UK Offering  Live In The Field Training On Real Properties  Invest in yourself  Acquire knowledge  Become an Industry expert   Start earning 


Invest in yourself, acquire knowledge, become an expert and start earning.   

If you are interested in becoming a professional inventory clerk in the shortest possible time, use our Inventory training accelerator programme to get yourself fast tracked. 
Massive Earning Potential 
Life cycle of a property inspection  
First inventory and schedule of condition Payments 
(1st payment average price - £120 ) 
Midterm inspection  
(2nd payment - average price - £50) 
Check out inspection 
(3rd payment - average price - £100 ) 
Update inspection 
(4th payment) - average price - £100) 
Average total earnings from a single property per year 
Average number of properties in your data base  
say 500 (a conservative number) 
Total annual revenue = £370 x 500= £185,000 

One-to-One Training 

ONE to ONE training from industry experts 
Real properties  
Real Inventories 
Real People 
Technology has it's uses, when it comes to learning about inventories. But tools such a Zoom and online videos are outdated in the world of inventories. You require real properties on which you can gain experience. 

Who our courses are for  

Existing inventory companies who do not have the resources to train staff inhouse. 
Individuals looking to build a career as an inventory clerk. 
Individuals aspiring to set up a full scale inventory business.  
Why Us? 
Only company in the UK offering PRACTICAL courses on REAL properties. 
You carry out real inventories on real properties under the supervision of an experienced trainer, many of whom run their own successful businesses. Our trainers have conducted thousands of inventories over the years.  
Earn from day one 
On completion of any of our courses you will be able to hit the ground running and start making money from day one. 
MASSIVE earnings potential up to £185,000 and beyond. Say goodbye to your boss and quit the 9 to 5 rat race. 
Save yourself months of struggle avoiding all the typical mistakes and pitfalls. 


We offer phone support on all our course. See specific courses in the courses section. 
Complete hand holding. Learn from the best 
Fully hands on 
All our courses are 100% HANDS ON and FULL ON, there is very little theory. 
We take a DEEP DIVE into the world of professional inventories. 
If you are looking to start a career as a professional Association of Independent Inventory Clerks, look no further. We have everything you need to make your start a success. 
Why this industry has a fantastic future? 
Current statistics show that 13 million people in the UK rent from a private landlord, that’s 1 in every 5 of us. That’s 20% of the UK’s population. That’s a staggering market for inventories. 
As property prices continue to rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for first time buyers to get on the property ladder, meaning the rental market will continue to dominate. This of course is very good for inventory businesses across the UK. The more rental properties there are, the more inventories will be required, opening up more opportunities for inventory clerks. 

Courses On Offer 

Pro business package 
Become a professional inventory clerk 
Inventory Base App training 
Q&A advisory service 
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