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Inventory Clerk Training Courses  LIVE in the field training on REAL properties   

Inventory On The House are now offering a unique opportunity to anyone interested in becoming a professional inventory clerk.  
Our courses are aimed at: 
Businesses interested in training their inhouse staff 
Individuals interested in become professinal inventory clerks, then work direct with letting agents 
Aspiring entrepreneurs interested in setting their own full scale business - Pro Business package available 

Pro Business Package - 4 Day Course 

If you want to set up your own inventory business - complete turn key operation. 
Day 1  
Business Structure & Set Up 
How to set up business structure 
Why Inventory clerk as a profession 
Introduction to the inventory business 
Inspection life cycle 
Stakeholders in the business 
How to settting up your business profile 
Structure set up (Ltd or sole trader) 
Business image and branding 
Lifetime support and possibility of partnerships 
Website and other essentials 
Accredations / Memberships 
Accreditations / memberships 
Day 2/3 
In The Field Training - How to conduct professional inspections 
how to carry out a CHECK OUT - PRACTICAL 
how to carry out an INTERIM INSPECTION - (PRACTICAL) 
how to carry out an UPDATE INSPECTION - (PRACTICAL) 
how to carry out an INTERIM INSPECTION - (PRACTICAL) 
Scaling up & Team Building 
How to scale up your business 
How to recruit your own team of inventory clerks 
Other bolt on’s for the business (integration) 
How to train your clerks 
How to assess your competitors 
How to assess the scope of the business in your region. 
Day 3 
Marketing & Pricing 
How to market your business 
How to hire and recruit staff 
How to price your inventories 
How to handle difficult clients 
How to outsource and affiliate 
How to pitch your business (ROLE PLAY) 
How to increase sales and approach clients 
How to find clients quickly 
Inventory Base App & Backend Configuration 
Inventory Base - introduction and modules to choose 
Deepdive into Inventory base back end – complete configuration and customisation for your business 
Deepdive into inventory base App 
Day 4 
Tool Kit & Other Essentials 
Overview of complete tool kit. 
How to avoid common pitfalls 
Understanding the arbitration process 
Fair wear and tear policy 
Health & Safety 
How to set up your insurances 
How to deal with the competition 
Invoicing and accounting, performance measurement 
Hiring an accountant/accounting packages 
How to handle new customer enquires 
How to handle new business enquires 
Quality control of the reports 
PRICE £5,995 + VAT 

How to Conduct Professional Inventories - 2 Day Course 

LIVE in the field inventory training on REAL PROPERTIES, fully hands on. 
BONUS 1 : The inventories will be done using the INVENTORY BASE APP, you will require a iphone (not Android) for this course.  
Structure & Set Up 
6 month phone support 
Why inventory clerk as a profession 
Introduction to the inventory business 
Inventory life cycle 
How to carry out an professional inventory 
How to carry out a CHECK OUT - PRACTICLE 
How to carry out an UPDATE INSPECTION - (PRACTICLE) 
How to check in a tenant (meet and greet) - (PRACTICLE) 
Toolkit & Inventory Base app shortcuts 
How to put together a tool kit 
Accreditations / memberships 
Inventory base App short cuts/secrets 
PRICE £1995 + VAT 

Inventory Base back end configuration - 1 Day Course  

Thsi course is in two parts. Learn how to USE and CONFIGURE inventory base back end and the inventory base App to it's full potential, save time and maximise your business earnings. 
iBase basics 
which ibase package to choose 
How to configure clients 
How to configure clerks 
How to set up properties in the system. 
Quick start up guide and how to set up inventory base 
How to use the dash board 
Reporting & Configuration 
How to run reports and statistics 
How to customise and configure report settubg 
ibase dictionary 
Complete configuration of the inventory base data dictionary. This will 'significantly' increase the speed at which you will be able to carry out inventories. 
How to assign jobs to clerks 
How to assign templates to clerks 
How to assigns roles and privilages 
How to customise inspection templates 
How to import 3rd party reports into inventory base 
How to configure the IB calender 
Emails and report sharing 
How to configure emails 
How to share reports with clients and tenants 
Properties and inspections 
How to set up properties in the system 
How to set up inspections in Ibase 
Report cofiguration 
How to configure report specific paramaters 
How to filter on report types and clients 
Editing reports 
How to edit reports (indepth walkthrough) 
How to use short cuts 
Uploading settings and internal notes 
How to upload and use the dictionary updates 
How to use internal notes 
Data dictionary 
How to use the built in dictionary for speedy completion of reports. 
How to edit and amend templates 
How to customise and create templates 
How to copy templates 
Uploading and synching reports 
How to upload and sync reports 
How to upoad video content and photos 
NOTE: This course DOES not teach you how to conduct inventories. It is aimed at individuals who want to transition to inventory base and take a deep dive in the IB App and manage their inventories 
PRICE £995 + VAT 

Q & A Advisory Session - One Hour  

If you are considering venturing into the exciting world of inventories, but have concerns and questions before committing, then avail our one hour Q&A session to see if this is the right decision for you. 
Get all your questions answered on all aspects of the business. 
PRICE £95 + VAT 
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